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How can Guestbuddy help your hostel?

Hospitality is a simple equation. The more value you create for your guests, the more value they create for you. Hostel reputation is the key driver of your success. Better reviews mean more guests and greater hostel success. Guest satisfaction is where everything starts. Research shows that guests are looking for more than just a bed. They want to experience more. That’s where Guestbuddy comes in. A mobile app that takes hostel hospitality to another level, by creating value for both you and your guests.


Drive incremental revenue

Grow revenues from extra services. Promote tours, room upgrades, late check-outs and more, with beautiful content in the mobile app.

Go beyond the generic travel guide

Grow revenues from extra services. Promote tours, room upgrades, late check-outs and more, with beautiful content in the mobile app.


Mobile check-in

Let guests check in on their phones, and push this data to your PMS. No more long lines of tired guests. Make check-in convenient and error-free.


Give your guests a community

Hostel guests want to meet new people and make memories. Foster this social spirit, by making it easy for guests to chat and plan activities.

Collect guest reviews

Monitor guest satisfaction. Customize forms that are easy for guests. Push reviews to Tripadvisor, and learn about unhappy guests instantly.


Centralized communication

Replace endless emails with a central hub. includes in-app requests, direct chat, and booking notes that automatically push to your PMS.


Send push notifications

Send messages that pop up directly on your guests’ mobile phones. Reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Online payment & deals

Trigger custom deals, take online payment and incentivize future bookings. All data is automatically pushed from the app to your PMS.
Many hostels face at least one of the challenges in the table below. With Guestbuddy, we can change the status quo. The app makes it seriously easy to overcome these common problems.
Before Guestbuddy After Guestbuddy
Low or inconsistent sales of extra services Better exposure of services, increased sales
Bombarded with guest emails Fast and direct contact with guests
Unanswered guest questions, busy reception 24/7 in-app travel tips prepared by you
Frustrated guests in the check-in line Quick check-in, happy guests
Clunky communication, slow hostel life Engaged and active hostel community
Sporadic online reviews Instant reviews, more feedback

Meet Ana,
your next guest.

Ana opens a beautiful welcome email in her native language and downloads Guestbuddy, your hostel app. A great first impression!

Ana enjoys reading travel tips prepared by you and your team. It feels way more personal than a generic city guide:
‘Cafe closest to the hostel?’
‘Where can I eat something traditional?’
‘Craziest place for a night of dancing?’
‘How to get to the Old Town?’
Three weeks before arrival, you send Ana a push notification, offering a ride from the airport and an upcoming City Tour. Why not? It’s at her fingertips. She happily buys the tour.
Just a few days before her stay, you invite Ana to check in online. She quickly enters her details and pays online. You both avoid the lineup at reception.
On the hostel wall, Ana spots a post from
Leo. He’s inviting everyone to a local pub
for his birthday. She happily accepts. A
great way to start her trip!
High five!
Another happy guest. You improved your online reputation and grew your revenue. Keep up the good work.

Benefits on both sides:

When we break down the benefits, it’s clear that Guestbuddy is a
smart choice for you and your guests.

The app makes your job easier while also improving their experience.

Guestbuddy promises to hostels: Guestbuddy promises to travellers:
We’ll help you grow your sales revenue You’ll be guided throughout your stay
We’ll help you get more reviews You’ll be never feel lost or lonely
We’ll help you get instant guest feedback You’ll get notified about everything throughout your stay
We’ll improve communication with guests You’ll get direct access to extra services and deals
We’ll facilitate your online check-in & payments You’ll get to be part of the hostel community
We’ll help you shine! You’ll feel taken care of!

Easy for hostels. Easy for guests.
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