Who can use Guestbuddy?

Any hostel can use Guestbuddy and share it with any guest that books with their property. Upon booking, guests receive a welcome email with a download link and a special login PIN.

How do I add my guests to Guestbuddy?

You can upload reservations from the file or connect Guestbuddy to your PMS. Whenever you get a new booking, Guestbuddy will automatically send your guest a welcome email with a download link and login PIN.

Who provides all the content in the app?

Each hostel can create unique content for their guests, to express their individual brand. This is not generic content. You can focus on the best places within a reasonable distance from your property, or highlight your staff’s personal recommendations. However, if you need help, we do have copywriters for content creation. See the pricing page for details.

How do I manage the app?

Hostels access Guestbuddy from a web-based backoffice. Here you can manage everything. Your content, guest requests, hostel wall, chat with guests, deals and promotions.

Can I try the app for free?

Sure! You can download the app and use it for free for 30 days.

How does Guestbuddy help me grow revenues?

Research shows that a broader offering improves guest satisfaction. It’s also no secret that guests appreciate convenience. Guestbuddy broadens your offer and makes everything easier for your guests. On top of that, it promotes your extra services, like tours and room upgrades.

Can I start using Guestbuddy today?

Yes! Sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how it can make your hostel even better.

In which languages is the app available?

The app is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian and Italian.

Is Guestbuddy integrated with my PMS?

Please see the list of current integrations. If you don’t see your PMS there, contact us and we’ll check if we can make it work for you.

Can I use Guestbuddy without PMS?

Yes, you can. Every day or week, you can upload your list of bookings from a file, directly to Guestbuddy. Of course, we recommend using a PMS. Contact us for information about how to get started with a PMS.

Does Guestbuddy include any reports about my guests or sales?

Yes, it does! The app includes a dashboard where you can see the summary of your guests’ activity and your sales from extra services.

Is Guestbuddy difficult to use? How long does it take to set up?

Guestbuddy was designed for ease of use. It takes just a few minutes to set up the app. The time it takes to add content depends entirely on whether or not you already have deals or travel guides prepared. If you need help with content creation, case you need help, we can provide you the out of the box app with curated content created by our copywriter. Contact us at [email protected]

How does the integration between Guestbuddy and PMS work?

Once the integration is enabled, Guestbuddy will receive every new booking within seconds. Also, it will automatically push any booking changes made by your guest, directly to your PMS (e.g. payments or online check-in details).

What information will be sent from Guestbuddy to my PMS?

Here is all of the information that Guestbuddy can send to your PMS: guests details, booking notes, payment details, extra services purchased by guests, and booking balance due. This depends on what your PMS can receive and handle. Click here to see a list of current integrations.

How are booking payments processed in Guestbuddy?

Guestbuddy uses Stripe for payment collection. You need to create an account on Stripe first. After that, you enable the payments within Guestbuddy. It takes just a few minutes, then your booking payments will start going to your bank account. See stripe.com for more information.

Can I use a different payment gateway?

At this point, Stripe is the only option, but we plan to add more payment gateways in 2019. Especially for countries where Stripe is not available. Please contact us for more details.

Can I decide what a guest sees in the app? Or what offers he/she gets?

Yes, you can. Each offer and travel guide contains advanced settings. You can customize what is shown to a 20-year old backpacker and what is shown to a 4-person family visiting Legoland. No more spam and irrelevant content!

Does Guestbuddy comply with GDPR?

Yes, it does. Guestbuddy is a data processor which complies with GDPR regulations.

How will reception know about new guest requests?

Within Guestbuddy, there is a module called “Guest Requests.” Here you’ll find all of the requests made by guests.

Are guest requests automatically accepted?

It is you who decides. You can set up some items to require confirmation and others to automatically get added to the booking (e.g. breakfast or towels). You can also decide if items are free or require payment.

Do guests see each others personal details?

Only to a very limited extent. Guests can see first name, age and nationality. No contact details or sensitive information. Also, a guest may decide to set his/her profile to private, making him/her invisible to other guests.

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